Kanye West – Heaven And Hell Lyrics

Lyrics from Live Performance

[Verse: Kanye West]
No more promo, no more photos
No more logos, no more chokeholds
We on Bezos, we give payrolls
Trips to Lagos, connect like Legos
We take high roads, make this, my eyes closed
Burn false idols, Jesus disciples
I just drink champagne now; I done bled my vein out
New level the game now, simulation changed
No more problems, no more argue
No more askin’, who really are you?
You know the rеal you
Last time I saw you, was inside my rearviеw
Shall I continue?
Straight from Beirut, Chicago, Beirut
You cray? We cray too! You pray? We pray too!
And that’s who we pray to, new show, new me
This your movie, ’cause no one can play you
New grill, new teeth, new chicks, new beef
Still get loose-leaf, still whip two-seats
Go out to lease a new one for new lease
New crib, new lease, new town, new leash
All life for new leaves, new power, new peace
No talk, do things, dope fiend, DC
Break out, take charm, kept on with new peace
Break all the old chains; you got a new piece
A new piece, hold up the boutiques
Do the least, enough of ’em for two weeks
One phone for two weeks, throw out the police
Bump for the feels, uh, the feelin’, the new we
Pump up the two-ten, this our feelin’ now
Let out the gun, let it grrat

[Outro: Kanye West]
Let it grrat, let it grrat, grrat
Let it grrat, grrat, grrat, grrat, grrat
Let it grrat, grrat, grrat
Let it grrat, let it grrat, grrat, uh
Let it grrat, grrat, grrat, grrat, grrat
Let it grrat

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